Be Prepared, Pack Now


So, you are expecting. You have painted the baby’s room (or at least thought about potentially picking out a color); you have been arguing about names for months on end and think that just maybe you have agreed on one; and you have received countless pieces of baby advice (most of which you have chosen, wisely, to ignore). But your due date is fast approaching and you need to pack a bag to take to the hospital.

What are you going to pack? There are a number of lists out there that would have you packing half your house to take with you, but we don’t recommend that. Keep it simple. Every item that you pack will be something else that you need to keep track of and bring home with you. Let’s not forget that you will also be bringing home a baby, so most other stuff is going to be extraneous anyway.

Here is the pared-down list of things that will make your hospital stay easier without making your return home harder.

  • Insurance information. Just bring it. Yes, you have already given it to your doctor and probably to the hospital, but just bring it anyway. You will likely need it again.
  • Phone charger. We are not going to tell you to bring loads of fancy camera equipment (unless you are a professional photographer – then go for it) since most people just use their cell phones now for photo-taking. But it would really not be good if you couldn’t charge your camera-and-call-everyone-and-let-them-know-the-good-news device. You don’t want to be the one saying “sorry, mom, I couldn’t call because my phone ran out of juice.”
  • Mom Gown. It is pretty much the only piece of clothing you will need (besides those hospital-supplied undies), and if you are really insistent on changing your clothes, just buy a second gown. These make it super easy to breast feed an keep your baby close, plus, you get to look and feel human!
  • Eye glasses. Especially if you are having a c-section, they really don’t like you to wear contact lenses, and it is helpful to see your little bundle of joy.
  • Slippers (your feet will get cold)
  • If your hair is long, bring something to tie it back.
  • Lip balm. You don’t want to have chapped lips from that dry hospital environment the first time you kiss your baby, do you?
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste.
  • Change for the vending machine. (You may get hungry, or you may have a hungry spouse.)
  • For the baby: car seat, properly installed; blanket; going home outfit; and if you live somewhere cold, bring appropriate winter gear.

Most of all, don’t make yourself crazy. Look great and feel great with a Mom Gown, and enjoy your time at home with your baby.

Mom Gowns is here to help you prepare for the BIG day!