Labor Pains


When you were a little girl, did you dream of having a bunch of kids running around the house?  Lots of noise and lots of joy.  A Brady Bunch of your very own?  As you got older, this desire most likely grew stronger, but more realistic.  You realized that having six children was not as

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To Know Or Not To Know…


Pregnancy is such a joyful, stressful, life-changing journey….and at the end, you have your bundle of joy to love and raise and educate and worry about (stay tuned for posts on all these issues!).  If you have been pregnant during the last 30 years or so, you surely heard at least once a day after

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Be Prepared, Pack Now


So, you are expecting. You have painted the baby’s room (or at least thought about potentially picking out a color); you have been arguing about names for months on end and think that just maybe you have agreed on one; and you have received countless pieces of baby advice (most of which you have chosen, wisely, to

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Welcome to the Mom Gowns blog! We are thrilled to have a place on our website where we can bring you stories of pregnancy and labor, in addition to new product announcements and more. We will keep you entertained, share both humor and insight and encourage dialogue, both here and on our Facebook page and

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