Welcome to the Mom Gowns blog! We are thrilled to have a place on our website where we can bring you stories of pregnancy and labor, in addition to new product announcements and more. We will keep you entertained, share both humor and insight and encourage dialogue, both here and on our Facebook page and Twitter feed.

We created Mom Gowns to help women going into labor feel good about themselves at a time when much of the focus – especially by family and friends – is not on how the mom feels, but rather the precious bundle of joy everyone has eagerly anticipated arriving.

Then, next thing you know, the baby is born and the photos begin. Most moms we know are not too happy about having their photos taken, shared with friends and plastered on the internet, all while wearing a hideous sheet that barely covers the important parts. (We have some really good stories about that and will share them as we go!)

This is where Mom Gowns comes in. We provide great looking gowns that are practical and wearable. Not only will you live in the gown for the weeks to come as you adjust to having a new baby, but you won’t cringe every time someone takes your photo. You may even enjoy the moment. Plus, you will be really, really comfortable.
We also invite you to share your favorite stories. What awful/funny/embarrassing thing happened to you during your labor, delivery or hospital stay? What silly things came out of your mouth? Who did you moon while trying to use the bathroom in those old, icky gowns? We want to know! Email your best stories to us at momgowns@gmail.com . You never know, we may use yours! (Don’t worry… we won’t use your real name.) Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to leave a comment and let us know what you think!